The Galway S Motors

  • 1/3 HP, 10,000 RPM GAST Air Motor, OR
  • 1/2 HP, 6,000 RPM GAST Air Motor
  • Compact, In-Line Filter and Lubricator
  • Throttle valve
  • Air Supply hose
  • Interchangeable on all Galway Pumps
  • Easy to maintain – user replaceable:
    • Motor Bearings
    • Rotor
    • Vanes

The Galway Model S Air Drive Motor is ideal for continuous chemical transfers at relatively low (15 to 20 gpm) flowrates. This motor is renowned for its reliability.

  • Materials of Contruction:
  • In-line air filter supplied
  • Air hose and quick-disconnect fitting
  • quarter-turn air shutoff valve supplied
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Mini Filter Regulator Lubricator (optional)

Motor Specifications:

  • 1/2 HP Gast® 1 UP Air Motor
  • 6000 RPM
  • Up to 90 psig air pressure supply
  • Continuous Duty

Drive Features:

  • Simple Maintenance All Galway drives are interchangeable with any 400 Series Pump. Assembly is accomplished simply by hand-tight threading of the pump to the motor and the pump shaft to the motor shaft. For motors, the brushes, armature, bearings and switch are user replaceable.
  • Excellent Reliability since motors and bearings are sealed. Motor housings are powder epoxy coated stell or aluminum.
  • Performance Each of our drives is designed for a unique application. See our specifications and pump performance curves to match a drive to your needs.
  • Warranty for a full year on materials and workmanship

CAUTION: Motors are not for use with flammable liquids


  • Standard Equipment:
  • Stainless Steel or brass ball shutoff valve
  • In line air filter Lubricator with GAST approved lubricant
  • 10 foot coiled air hose and muffler


1/3 HP GAST rotary vane air motor, 10,000 RPM free speed, 100 psig max supply pressure OR 1/2 HP GAST rotary vane air motor, 6,000 RPM free speed, 100 psig max supply pressure


All parts including motor rebuild kits and lubricant are available and easily replaced by user.


1/3 horsepower provides flow rates up to 15 gallons per minute and a shutoff head of 10 feet. 1/2 horsepower provides flow rates up to 17 gallons per minute and a shutoff head of 12 feet. Pumps specific gravities up to 1.6 and viscosities up to 200 centipoise.


  • Drum and tank transfers.
  • Drum or small tank mixing
  • Pumping flammables (requires special grounding in accordance with Galway Specifications)


  • Quick Disconnects available
  • Grounding Kits for explosion proofing
  • GAST approved lubricating oil available
  • Adapts to any Galway 400 Series pump or mixer

S Drive Pump Curve


Galway 400 Series Pumps

Galway 400 Series Drum Pumps are seal-less and bearing-less axial flow drum pumps. All pumps are interchangeable with any drive. Mixer pumps are identical in construction except they are supplied with a mixing tube instead of discharge tube.

Galway 400 Series Pumps and Mixers are heavy duty, affordable and owner-serviceable. Select a drive to meet your specific pumping requirements. Then select any of the following pumps or mixers to meet your chemical compatibility requirements. Download our chemical compatibility chart (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Pumps and mixers are available in any length from 2 to 8 feet. The standard length is 100 cm (39 1/2″) and is available for immediate shipping. Custom lengths are competitively priced and manufactured to your specifications. Contact us all for availability of other materials not listed. All of the above 400 Series Pumps are interchangeable with any Galway Drive Unit.

  • Heavy 1 1/2 ” Sch. 80 pump tube (.200” wall)
  • ECTFE, FEP and Hastelloy® C wetted parts
  • Easy to disassemble threaded connections
  • Heavy Duty Free Hand weld
  • Standard on each pump:
    • Hastelloy® C shaft
    • Suction Strainer (No height added!)
    • Cam Coupler discharge connections
Material CPVC Polypropylene PVDF
Model No. C4-100 Cm-100 P4-100 Pm-100 K4-100 Km-100
Type Pump Mixer Pump Mixer Pump Mixer


The Pumping solution
for the solution
you’re pumping…

Pump Features

  • Durable 400 Series pump is the most durable drum pump on the market. The removable suction tube has a near 1/4″ thick wall to withstand abuse. The Hastelloy-C shaft with a 1/4″ – 20 thread through Halar ECTFE impellers ensures a positive impeller connection. See our Pump Specifications.
  • Simple Construction allows for an uncomplicated assembly and disassembly by the user for routine maintenance. All tube components are threaded pipe and every pump part can be replaced by the user with ordinary tools. See our Servicing Procedure and Parts List.
  • Unique Design provides a direct motor-pump coupling which eliminates pump bearings. This two-stage pump with a removable suction tube can be quickly replaced with the mixing tube for agitation of drums or small tanks. See our parts pages for one-line pump diagrams.
  • Competitive Pricing allows you to have a great pump at an agreeable price. Contact Galway for special pricing and delivery.